KUPER heating equipment

KUPER heating equipment

One of the fields of activities of KUPERTEK LLC is the production of heating equipment.

Solid fuel boilers 

Solid fuel boilers KUPER are intended for heat supply in premises equipped with hot-water heating system of any type (open, closed, open with pump) MORE DETAILS>>

Bullerjan stoves

Bullerjan stoves for heating of various premises: from small cottages to warehouses and greenhouses. They operate on any type of solid fuel, except for black coal, and are highly efficient. MORE DETAILS>>

Fan heaters

Fan heaters with water heat exchanger for heating administrative, warehouse, industrial and other premises equipped with hot-water heating system. MORE DETAILS>>



         Every person wants to keep up with the times. We monitor new technologies in the world of electronics and computer technology, new films and literature, news from the world of fashion. And, of course, we pay special attention to modern interior. It doesn’t matter whether it is a house or an apartment, a shop, an office, an automobile repair shop or any other premises that belongs to you, it would be good if any person entering it considers its interior modern.

         However, what if the matter is, for example, in a heating boiler or a Bullerjan stove? These essential attributes in premises are considered as housekeeping equipment rather than interior items. Not many manufacturers take care of a beautiful look of a boiler or a stove, and that is clear, as performance is much more important.

         Specialists at our enterprise have high engineering skills, therefore, they took care of not only functionality of the products, but also about the look.

          All KUPER boilers are noted for premium design. In addition to its main function – heating – our boiler will become a part of interior of any premises.

          Bullerjan stove KUPER will not only heat in any conditions, but will also fit in even the most elegant interior. Durable housing, neat welding beam, spreading screen made of stainless steel, original construction allowing to keep heat even several hours after the burning fades – all these aspects cannot leave even the most demanding customer indifferent.