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            Design is a complex of ultimate solutions of one person or a group of people, the result of which is the creation of a unique product.

            At this stage, the final product is considered as a compromise between the manufacturer and the consumer. In other words, a lot of factors are taken into consideration, as they define the design and ergonomics, the cost and functionality, the technological effectiveness and construction of the future product.

            The design process may be conditionally divided into several key stages:

  • Technical specifications (TS) development
  • Technical design report (TDR) development
  • Design project
  • Designing
  • Prototype production
  • Pilot batch production
  • Mass production launch

             As a rule, the TS mean a joint work of the customer and the manufacturer. The clearer and the more thorough the TS are developed, the less questions, delays and coordination will emerge at the following stages. By applying their many years’ experience in designing housing for electronics and special equipment our specialists will help to properly develop the technical specifications.

             Based on the resulting TS, the technical design report is developed, including the description of the construction and the principle of operation of the future product.

             Design project makes it possible to previously assess the appearance, colour scheme, size, and ergonomics of the final product. At this stage, the simplified 3D model is usually created, while in particular cases it is possible to create a reduced copy of the unit with the help of modeling.

             Designing is a key stage of the work. At this stage, the future product obtains its specific geometric shape taking the functionality into account. Each part of the assemblage is drawn in details; every detail – from the thickness and brand of used materials to the length of screws and the thickness of protective coating – are thought through and calculated.

             Designing results in the issue of design documents (DD), which are the grounds for the launch of the prototype production.

             During the prototype production, the manufacturing process is mastered, and in case of need some changes are introduced to the construction or the design documents. It is a very important stage, as exactly the prototype production process can reveal all defects in the TS or designing.

            It should be noted that there are three fundamentally different approaches to design:

  • Forward and reverse design engineering, and design based on the specified cost.
  • Forward design engineering: first, there is an idea, and then there is a product.
  • Reverse design engineering: first there is an initial sample (photo), and then there is a product.
  • Design based on the specified cost speaks for itself. This means that a product is designed according to the indicated cost (not exceeding the competitive one).

            Our company has a huge experience in the implementation of the projects based on any of these variants.