Make use of our experience and knowledge

For many years, our enterprise is leading among Ukrainian manufacturers of housings using sheet metal. Our goal is to improve constantly; our value is the responsibility to our customers. In our work, we apply innovation technologies and modern methods of metal processing (laser cutting, computer-assisted bending, powder coating). Today, we have already reached the level when the difficulty of tasks is almost not important. Make use of our experience and knowledge!

Products produced at our enterprise:
Sheet metal housings
Standard and made according to the individual sizes, mass or single-item production, any size and thickness.MORE DETAILS>>
Laboratory and medical equipment
Laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets, PCR workstations, fume hoods.                                                        MORE DETAILS>>
KUPER heating equipment
Solid fuel boilers, Bullerjan stoves, fan heaters, automatic devices for solid fuel boilers. MORE DETAILS>>
Equipment for workshops
Various belt grinders, welding and assembly tables, tumbling barrels.                                                                 MORE DETAILS>>
Components and fittings
Rivet nuts, circuit board supports, hinges, locks, supports, magnets and other industrial fittings.MORE DETAILS>>
Metal housing
Our enterprise provides housing production services for devices of any complexity using sheet metal.MORE DETAILS>>




  • household boilers with solid fuel
  • water-fed fan heaters
  • convection ovens
  • belt grinders
  • welding tables
  • special tools for automobile repair shops
  • tumbling barrels
  • honey extractors
  • workbenches