Mechanical metal-working.

There is no item in our everyday life that can be produced without mechanical processing. Regardless of the material – steel or aluminium, polyamide or fluoroplastic, textolite or paper-based laminate, polycarbonate or acrylic resin, wood or plywood, LDF or MDF – turning and milling are applied in order to obtain needed shape.

Turning is one of many technological processes, which a part undergoes before taking its place in one or another mechanism. Regardless of product’s difficulty, be it a CNC-controlled high-precision equipment or the newest car model, the harmonious work of its components is provided by the parts created by turning.

With the help of turning, the following parts being the solids of revolution are produced:

  • Bushes
  • Axles
  • Sheaves
  • Flanges
  • Washers
  • Pins, etc.

Depending on batches and dimensions of the produced parts, different technological equipment may be used. For single-item and small-batch production, universal screw-cutting lathes of 16К20, 1К62 and other types are used. For batch and mass production, it is economically reasonable to use CNC machines with automatic rod feed. The main advantage of this equipment is maximum performance and quality under the minimum human involvement. During the mass production of parts with the diameter of up to 12 mm, it is reasonable to use single- and multi-spindle automatic turning lathes.

On Kharkiv enterprise KUPERTEK LLC, You are able to order the production of parts with the help of lathe for both single-item and large-scale production. It is just necessary to send a drawing and application to our e-mail address or just to call one of the telephone numbers indicated below.

Examples of our work.

A shock absorber filling device, as well as device for sealing ring fitting on a hydraulic cylinder of steering rack for MSG equipment were developed and produced on our enterprise.