Powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating services (tel.: +38097-346-09-97):

Powder coating is a modern technology of polymer coating applied on surfaces of various metal products. Powder coating is highly resistant to different mechanical, physical and chemical effects, and is highly resistant to corrosion.

In order powder coating to meet the quality requirements, we use modern technologies and reliable equipment:

  • new professional electrostatic powder guns with digital control unit
  • several programmable modes of coating
  • polymerization furnace 3000 х 1200 х 2000 mm in size

Coating is carried out by skilled operators who cover a metal product with paint evenly even if it has the most complicated shape. They create persistent coating resistant to environmental effect.

Continuous sequence of operations (with no downtime) makes it possible to complete orders quickly.

We are working with a wide range of colours (RAL colours). In our works with metal products coating, we use only certified powder coating from the leading foreign manufacturers (Akzo Nobel, IBA kimya, Neokem SA, Pulver).

Our prices are reasonable (prices start at ₴80/sq.m.)

We work with products of any shape and do it cheaper and better than our competitors:

  • metal profiles and pipes
  • metal housings and cabinets
  • store fixtures and equipment: stands, racks, shelving
  • metal furniture
  • wheels and radiators
  • metal fittings and hardware
  • metalware with complicated shape
  • fences
  • mesh products
  • aluminium products
  • galvanization
  • facing panels
  • profiled sheeting and metal tiles
  • other metal constructions

In case of need in metal surface clearing from scale, rust, old paint-and-lacquer coating, sandblasting is applied.