Where to start…?

Exactly this question becomes topical when the need in a decent ‘wrapper’ for Your product arises. At this point, a lot of questions may arise, and it may be difficult to find answers at once.

  1. 1.What should the future product look like?
    Industrial design and colour scheme. It is the original industrial design that defines the identity of Your product and distinguishes it among the competitors.
  2. 2. How to produce?
    Production technique. Production effectiveness of the future product will define its final cost and performance specifications (assembly, delivery, installation, etc.)
  3. 3. Where to get the design documents (designs) drawn up in accordance with the Unified System of Design Documentation for product production?
    Constructive solution. A competent design solution will make it possible to save resources (time, manpower, finances, etc.) during production, assembly and operation.
  4. 4. Paint-and-lacquer coating and galvanization.
  5. 5. Logos and signs marking.
    Availability of logos makes a product recognizable at the market. It is an ADVERTISING of Your product. Do not disregard it. We are ready to comprehensively solve Your task and will help to find answers to these and many other questions concerning the production of housings and metal-working. Save Your time, as it is the resource that cannot be renewed.
Our enterprise provides the following production services:
Metal housing production
Our enterprise provides services in housing production for devices of any difficulty using sheet metal.                                                                          TO LEARN MORE>>
Laser cutting
Modern laser technology makes it possible to significantly increase the quality of produced products and reduces expenditures on their production.  TO LEARN MORE>>
Powder coating
Powder coating is made with the help of high-technology equipment.                                                                                                                              TO LEARN MORE>>
Production of parts with the help of lathes for both single-item and large-scale production.    TO LEARN MORE>>
Milling works
Rectilinear and curvilinear cutting and milling of electrical insulating materials, nonmetals, soft metals.  TO LEARN MORE>>
Designing and development of design documents.                                                                                  TO LEARN MORE>>




  • laser cutting
  • sheet cutting with the help of a punch press
  • sheet metal bending
  • capacitor discharge welding
  • electric resistance welding
  • argon arc welding
  • sandblasting
  • galvanization
  • stainless steel product polishing
  • imprinting with the help of UV coating