The main field of activities of KUPERTEK LLC is the production of housings for devices using sheet metal (tel.: +38097-346-09-97)

Housings for devices and hardware 
  • housing for electronics
  • housing for control and measuring devices & automatic equipment (CMD&A)
  • housing for printed circuit boards
  • housing for audio amplifiers


Housings for industrial equipment
  • housing and cases for industrial automation
  • housing for fire alarm electronics
  • housing for network equipment
  • housing for welding units


Housings for terminals
  • housing for payment terminals
  • housing for lottery terminals
  • housing for gaming machines
  • housing for vending machines
  • housing for parking meters




         We produce housings, which are used in many devices applied in industry and economy.

         Our mission is to provide customers with housings for devices with maximum readiness for assembly and installation, with all necessary openings, cuts for connectors and elements of indication, bushes, supports, studs and assembly components.

         Our housings are produces using sheet metal and applying laser cutting, which has a range of advantages:

  • possibility to produce parts with complicated shape
  • minimum of wastes
  • high accuracy of cutting (0.01 mm), absence of ragged edges and lash
  • work with any types of metal
  • high processing speed

          CNC-controlled punching machine used for the production of our housings is highly efficient and guarantees maximum accuracy of operations, which makes it possible to produce parts quickly and with big number of various openings.

          CNC-controlled rolling-and-bending machine makes it possible to quickly obtain complicated contour of a part with different bending angles under the high accuracy in size and repetition. Our enterprise has an abundance of production tools, which is highly beneficial when bending is complicated and accurate.

          Up-to-date welding equipment used on our enterprise provides high quality and security of a welded seam.

          In order powder coating to meet the quality requirements, we use modern technologies, reliable equipment and only certified powder coating from the leading foreign manufacturers.

          Up-to-date high-precision equipment used by our enterprise combined with high engineering skills of our experts make it possible for us to produce premium housings of any difficulty. And the necessity to take various desires of our customers from throughout the country into account made our production flexible and versatile.