About us

About us

KUPERTEK Manufacturing Enterprise

Once it happened so that you visited our website, it means that your searches are connected with metalworking, sheet-metalworking, or maybe with production of housing for electronics, or perhaps you need the designing of the housing for your equipment…

We are not going to burden you with the history of our enterprise (as this information is interesting not for everyone). As for our potential, you may refer to the ‘production’ section. We would just like to say a few words about the philosophy of the KUPERTEK LLC when working with a customer.     

The first rule of our enterprise is “EVERYONE MUST MIND OWN BUSINESS.” You tell us what you need, we`ll tell you how to make it. Having many years of experience of work with metal and other materials, we can offer several variants of design solutions for the production of your product or housing for it.

When producing any final product, its appearance and functionality are limited… These limits are defined either with the production process, or with the fantasy of a designer, or with the comparison with the analogues, or with the shortage of experience and information. Our task is to extend these boundaries as much as possible within the production resources of our enterprise, and the resources available in the territory of Ukraine.

Many manufacturers turn a blind eye to the quality and appearance. We are not going to agree with this.

A final consumer cares not about the production stages, but about only 3 things:

  1. 1. Appearance – “like it – don’t like it”
  2. 2. Function – “everything must be available and function properly”
  3. 3. Cost – “not expensive”

           It is the nature of people. Therefore, we are trying to take all of these things into account and to find ‘the golden mean.’

          What we definitely don’t want to make is the product like ‘the cheaper, the better.’ Any cheapness causes the absence of quality. And there are already a lot of similar products on our market. Hence there is the second rule – “TRY TO MAKE YOUR WORK GOOD, AS IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT BAD.”

Taking the aforesaid into consideration, it is possible to make the third and the most important rule of our enterprise – “EACH PRODUCT MUST MAKE THE FINAL CONSUMER SATISFIED.”

Why the final consumer, not the customer? Any our customer has own final consumer. And it is not important weather it is a middleman or a user. If a final consumer is satisfied with a product, then our main goal is achieved. This means that each of us (designer, housing producer, electric part producer, etc.) coped with the task perfectly. And this means that the probability of the fact that a final consumer will return to you in the future and will recommend your company to the partners significantly increases. Actually is it our main goal.